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Definition and use of cookies

A cookie is a file downloaded to your computer when entering some web sites. It helps the website remember information about your visit, like what are your preferences when browsing the web, to offer a better user experience, but it will never store any private data.

Types of cookies we use

Session cookies

These cookies collect data on how the user interact with the website. This data is stored in your browser and deleted after you close it.

Analytic cookies

These cookies collect information on how visitor use our website. We use it to create reports and to provide a better browsing experience. Cookies collect data anonymously, including the number of visitors, how they found us and what websites they visited.

This analytic is done using Google Analytics. You can get more information about their privacy policy here.

Cookies used by external complements content

Youtube: In some of our pages we have videos from Youtube. Cookies from Youtube follow GoogleÔÇÖs privacy policies

Revoke and delete cookies

You can allow, block or delete any cookie installed in your computer using your browser tools, if you donÔÇÖt allow cookies to be installed in your browser you may not be able to see some of the content of our web site.

Below we provide you information on how to set your preferences for each of the main browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer


For more information about cookies policy you can send an email to